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Kara felt more alive than ever. At last, she managed to defeat her rival in a fair fight. Well, as fair as a pirate duel can be, of course. She stalked the fleet of the Ginger Gorn coming back heavily damaged by the ferocious skeletons and took advantage of it. As she expected, the weather was clear and her weapons were loaded and ready for fire. She blasted two of his ships from afar and turned his best pirates into pitiful fleers. The victory was sweet and would secure enviable positions among the pirate elite. She would let Gorn go, of course, with his tail between his legs, mostly because of their common enemy – the empire, but she would have some fun before that. After all, Gorn was quite the eye candy!
He was exhausted. All day long hanging on the ropes, firing with the gun and ramming with sword, he was now ready for a real battle. It’s not that he did not enjoy spending his days with the other youngsters and the nights drinking away beside some lonesome rock close to the island telling stories of bloody battles and hidden treasures. He liked all that but he was different. He wanted to become a captain. He woke up at dusk to learn the new battle formations and the past battles of his clan. His comrades called him “The red eye” because he was constantly sleep deprived. Regardless of the silly reason, he liked the nickname and didn`t get mad because one day the whole world would tremble before Hanko the Red Eye!
Tarut pushed the heavy cartwheel to the end of the rails where the suitable stones would be separated, put into bags and moved to the new extension to the pirate den. He liked the physical work and that is why he chose to be a quarryman. Once again he thought about the unusual cooperation between natives and pirates. In the beginning, the pirates were enemies who plundered their valuables and resources. Now, they were part of the society. They taught the natives how to be free and how to protect their land and children. The constant duels and feuds among the different clans made them strong and their strength was well received by the natives in their common fight against the empire. An enemy, who turned them into one! An enemy, who made Tarut a pirate!
Wind started blowing: strong, cutting and cold. The salty air, the curly white clouds and the fact that you can see the schools of Goo fish in the open waters hinted that storm was coming. Although Sedji could notice all of those small details, he did not get that anxious as during his first voyages. He was a seasoned pirate already and was used to the frequent weather changes in this sea. He needed to stop those thoughts and focus on slaughtering as many Larus mutts as possible. The alewife, Sally, promised him a special reward if he does well in the upcoming battle. And as far as he knew Sally, that meant the stinky pub rum. A wide smile found its way to Sedji’s face…